To our valued customers:

Niemanns stores promote and accept coupons. We honor all Manufacturer issued and Niemanns-issued coupons. The following Guidelines address special circumstances.

Internet & Print at Home Coupons

Niemanns accepts coupons printed from manufacturers’ direct websites or direct email coupons. We accept Print at home coupons from monitored coupon websites including,, and All print-at-home coupons must have a legible barcode, scan-able coupon code, and expiration date, and the issuing manufacturer must be clearly identified. All of these websites print coupons with a visible watermark behind the price of the coupon. The watermark can be printed in black and white but must be visible to ensure coupons have not been photocopied.

Multiple Manufacturer Coupons

We accept one manufacturer coupon per item purchased. You may use multiple coupons to purchase multiple items. Use of 40+ coupons in one transaction may require management approval.

Matching Coupons

Niemanns stores will allow customers to “match” one manufacturer coupon and one Niemanns store coupon per item purchased. Item coupons must be for the same product and size as indicated on the coupon.

Discounted or Discontinued Sale Items

Coupons may be used on discount merchandise so long as the item size and product description match the coupon offer. In the event the coupon is valued higher than the discounted price, the additional savings will be applied to the total transaction, and not be available for cashback.

Store Issued Coupons/Penny Pinchers

Niemanns offers customers special Penny Pincher store-issued coupons that allow the customer to purchase products for a discounted price. These coupons are for a special lower price as indicated on the coupon. Customers may use manufacturer coupons with these discount coupons for additional savings.

Buy One Get One Free

When an item is advertised on sale for Buy One Get One Free, and the customer has a Buy One Get One Free Coupon, both items are free. Niemanns gives the customer the first item for free, and the manufacturer provides the second item free with their coupon. Items must match the size and description.

When the customer has 2 coupons and one is a BOGO Free manufacturer coupon: the customer must purchase the first item before attaining the free offer. They may use a discount coupon or another manufacturer coupon to purchase the first item for a lower price. They then use the manufacturer’s coupon to attain the second item for free.

Catalina Coupons

Niemanns will accept any Niemanns Catalina Rewards coupon vouchers for the deduction of grocery orders. Niemanns cannot accept other store Catalina-issued vouchers. County Market does not provide cash back for transactions ending in a negative balance. For example, a customer can buy one gallon of milk for $2.49, and use a $3.00 Catalina coupon, but will not be given cash back. The customer may purchase $2.49 milk, plus $1.29 bread, and get the full coupon deduction of $3 off their grocery transaction.

Competitor Store-Issued Coupons

Niemanns will not honor store coupons issued by other stores. Niemanns will accept manufacturer coupons issued at any competitor. For example, we cannot accept Lowe’s store coupons that state they are the issuers. We will accept a CVS coupon that clearly states it is a manufacturer’s coupon.

Expired Coupons

Niemanns will not accept any expired coupons.

Rain Checks

Niemanns will issue a rain check for any sale price when we have depleted our stock. The rain check must be issued while the item is still on sale to lock in that sale price. You may request a rain check for the number of items you wish to buy. For rain check requests that exceed 15 of the same item, you will need to make arrangements with the store for pick up and redemption of the order within 48 hours of the sale’s end date. To ensure the timeliness of large rain check orders, or coupon pre-orders it is essential to place the order within the first three days of the sale. Guarantees of inventory cannot be made for large allotments of goods requested late. Rain checks cannot be issued for quantities exceeding the advertised “limit” amount.

All rain checks will have a 14-day expiration date. Penny Pinchers may be rain checked during the last week that they are valid. Niemanns keeps the Penny Pincher and attaches it to our copy of the rain check. The rain check will be valid for 2 weeks after the Penny Pincher coupon expired. 48-hour and 1-day sales may also be issued a raincheck and will be good for 14 days. All advertised limits apply.

Altered/Fraudulent Coupons

Any coupon suspected of being altered or photo-copied will not be accepted. Issuers of counterfeit coupons will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Niemanns reserves the right to change the coupon policy at any time.